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crawatt's nest of miscellania

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"put your hands on the holy bible and scream wank"

basic, crawatt, myself

my last.fm weekly top artists chart for
5 Aug 2007 – 12 Aug 2007



August 6th, 2007

(no subject)

basic, crawatt, myself
a follow-up to my last post:

a couple of video clips of Mieskuoro Huutajat performing at Qstock festival have been posted to youtube.

Trollmors vaggsång, a Swedish lullaby:

Himnusz, the national anthem of Hungary (mistakenly labeled as La Brabanconne):

August 2nd, 2007

a festival report.

basic, crawatt, myself
hi there. been a few weeks since my last update. nothing major has happened since then, so no biggie really. but there's always something.

the rock festival Qstock took place last weekend (Fri 27th & Sat 28th July) here in Oulu. the festival was held for the 5th time in a row now, and were celebrating its 5th anniversary. not that one could tell really, though there were a few big Finnish names on the bill, and a bunch of foreign artists, such as UK's Errors, Celtic Frost from Switzerland, Turbonegro from Norway, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Sparzanza, The Haunted and Coffinshakers from Sweden, plus a few middle-European electronic music artists, unknown to me.

our choir, Mieskuoro Huutajat. also performed at the fest, on Saturday afternoon. the weather was all nice and shiny on Friday, but Saturday didn't look quite as good. it was raining almost all day, and cold, too. our performance was situated on he main stage, and, despite the massive rainfall, the field in front of the stage was crowded. nice. our performance lasted for about 20 minutes, after which the local band Morley stepped on stage to perform one of their songs ("Oh La La") together with our choir. the rain broke some of the microphones on the stage, and the ensemble was also cancelled, but our choir leader decided to carry it out, and it turned out ok, i guess. by the time we got off the stage, our black suits were all soaking wet, due to the wind blowing right towards the stage, forcing all the rain on us. after the gig i stayed at the back stage for a while, enjoying the free food (which was very good, compliments to the chef) and drinks.

because of our performance, and my friend Heidi's birthday party on Friday night, i only managed to see a handful of artists the whole weekend. on Friday, we (myself and my friends Toni and Nina) checked out Poets of the Fall, a Finnish pop-rock group. i had only heard a few of their songs on the radio, and hadn't been impressed. but seeing them on stage kind of changed that. their performance was energetic and tight, and those guys know how to play their instruments. the gig was just a bit too long, but other than that, thoroughly enjoyable. i also took a peek at Stam1na, a Finnish heavy metal band, and Hanoi Rocks, who managed to suck even beyond my expectations. a truly sad sight to behold.

on Saturday, after our own performance, i went to see Markku Peltola & his Buster Keaton orchestra. i didn't know what exactly to expect from them. i had heard them before, once, and that was a long time ago, so i couldn't quite remember what they were like. their sound is a weird and unique mixture of different styles, playing with rhythms, and has a strange, almost ethnic-like feel to the sound. from what i could tell, since i was watching from way back in the back row, in think the band consisted of Markku Peltola (yes, the actor) on acoustic guitar, a guy on an electric guitar, a bass player, a violinist, an accordionist, a drummer, plus two guys on horns. it was fascinating, but didn't set me on flames or anything.

after Markku Peltola's performace i went home to hang my suit to dry, and have a little nap. i had stayed up late last night, and had an early wake up that day, so i was feeling a bit tired. i went back to the fest to see CMX, a popular Finnish alternative rock band. i've always had mixed feelings about the band. there are some aspects to them i like, and some i don't. however, i usually enjoy their gigs, and this one was no exception. the band seemed to be in a good mood, and i felt it was passed to the audience, too. heck, they even made the sun show up, shining its light right at the stage. the band's front man, A.W. Yrjänä, turned it into a joke; "we were told we would only have one light on stage, but come on, this is ridiculous!".

but the sun didn't stay up in the sky for long. after CMX finished, it was time for the Swiss metal band Celtic Frost to take the stage. i see them being labeled as black metal everywhere, but though their sound is extremely dark and heavy, i wouldn't call them black metal. yes, they have elements of that genre in their music, no doubt, but it's also so much more than that. anyway, i had never really heard them before, other than checking out a few songs on their myspace page a few days before. but dammit, what a show that was. when they stepped on the stage, the sun cowered behind the clouds again, as if being commanded to do so by the band's presence. that was an eerie feeling. i had to put my ear plugs on for the first time the whole festival. their sound was crushing heavy. one could feel every pound on a drum, and each strum of the bass in their body. the whole gig was total and absolute mayhem, from start to finish. it was apocalypse. there was something, dare i say, ungodly, about them on stage. i had never witnessed anything like that before. all i could do was just stand there, listen, and watch in awe as they dominated the stage, all clad in black and faces painted white, raising hell in an unholy ritual. i must underline the fact, that i'm not usually into this type of music that much, but that was, without a doubt the best performance i saw that weekend. if there's one band i'd like to see again soon, it would have to be CF.

yeah, i missed a lot of acts i wanted to see, but things went as they went. and since i was performing myself, it was all free, and i had a good time, so i'm not really complaining. eagerly awaiting next year's Qstock.

July 13th, 2007

(no subject)

basic, crawatt, myself
spent a couple of hours browsing through all the available layouts and themes, and ended up with this one. the layout is Quite Lickable, theme Forward Thinking. i wasn't fond enough of the last one i tried, Unity Tricolor, to keep it. after a while it started to feel kind of bland, and wasn't adjustable enough, no option for a "blurb" for example, to put my last.fm charts in. but this one i like. i've already done some adjustments, and will be doing some more when i get to it.

the image at the top of the page, behind the title, is probably temporary. i do like it (the image is a microscopic photo of a protozoan, which are always fascinating and cool, heh), but it kind of hinders the text, especially the smaller one. i might keep it if i can't find anything more suitable. i was thinking of having a Transformers theme of sorts, but i've yet to find any suitable images to use.

speaking of Transformers, i must ramble, once more, how utterly fantastic the new movie was. the more i think about it and recall it, the more convinced i am, that it's most probably the best movie i've ever seen. sure, being a TF fan myself does have its weight on that opinion, but anyway. i can't wait to see it again. of course it'll be months and months before the movie comes available on dvd. too bad there aren't even any clips - other than the official trailers - at youtube yet.

oh yeah, check this out:

Transformers get a treatment @ WillItBlend.com

ouch. ace stuff, heh. and ace site, too.

ok, enough for tonight, i'm off to bed.

July 12th, 2007

shifting gears...

basic, crawatt, myself
so. i've been going through some of the different layouts and themes livejournal has to offer for "plus account" users. nothing remarkably fantastic has popped up yet, but the one you see now - Expressive layout theme Unity Tricolor - pleases my eye the most so far. if nothing else turns up, i think i can work something out of this with some adjustments. nothing a little colouring and perhaps a background image wouldn't fix.

July 11th, 2007

(no subject)

basic, crawatt, myself
yeah, folks. influenced by a few people (more or less directly), i've decided to get back to writing to livejournal. well, it's not so much a decision as a matter of motivation/inspiration. but anyway, here i am.

i think i'll be changing the looks of my journal a little. i'm kind of tired of that gloomy, dark background i've used thus far, being summer and all. i'll probably switch back to the dark and gloomy look when the universe is devoured by the cold and everlasting winter again. but until that, i'll think of something less-gloomy.

how have i been? well, nothing major has happened really. i left school for the summer in April, and just been waiting for the summer to begin since then, spending time with friends and generally enjoying the peace and quiet.

we've been writing and rehearsing new material for our band's forthcoming EP. we - or mostly myself - have been suffering from a writer's block of sorts. the EP will be centered around a certain theme, and will consist of four songs, of which three have been ready and done for some time now, but the last missing song has been a pain. the thematic nature of the EP and the finished songs set certain standards for the last song, and it's been a hell for us to come up with a song that fills the standards and requirements set for it. i know, we're really approaching the whole writing procedure from a completely wrong direction, but things just kind of turned out this way, and there's nothing we can do about that. but things are starting to look a little less-dire now, since a couple weeks ago we started out on a new song, which sounds very promising, and might very well be what we've been waiting for. while trying to come up with the last song for the EP, we've gone through a million ideas for a new song, and by the time we're done with the EP, we'll probably have enough material for most of the next recording. seriously.

as for Mieskuoro Huutajat, the choir's been having a summer break for a few weeks now, and will be returning to rehearsing later in July, for our Qstock preformance as well as other forthcoming gigs.

well, i think that's enough for now. i'll try to get back later this week, but don't hold your breath.

November 8th, 2006

(no subject)

basic, crawatt, myself
been lazy again. i was meaning to update on last Wednesday, or on Thursday at the latest, but what do you know, it's Wednesday again. sigh.

being that it's Wednesday, i had shouting rehearsals tonight. as i've already told some of you people, i'm going to perform with the choir, Mieskuoro Huutajat, on the 17th of the current month. that's only a little more than a week away. i'd actually invite some of you to come see us perform, but i'm afraid it's a private event, a pre-x-mas party of sorts. anyway, i'm really looking forward to performing.

there's a bit of extra pressure on me at the gig. at our last rehearsals before tonight, last Wednesday, we, the baritones of the newcomers, were finally divided into different baritone voices. of us four, the other three guys are now all tenor-baritones, the voice they've been basically been shouting in since the beginning. that makes me the only new bass-baritone in the choir. being that i've thus far shouted the songs as either a tenor-baritone (in songs shouted in four voices) or just a baritone (in songs shouted in only three voices), i now have to learn a couple of songs almost from scratch, as the bass-baritone parts are different from tenor-baritone parts. fortunate for me there aren't more than a couple of songs i need to re-learn for the gig. i don't think i could make it if there were any more.

i'm also going to have to find myself a new suit to wear for the gig, and all future performances. my old suit doesn't fit me well and looks funny on me, sort of just hanging on me, since it's a couple of sizes too big for me. i'll need to go and look for a good second-hand suit. if i can't find one in time, i'll have to ask Olli, the drummer of our band, to lend me his. since we're pretty much the same size, his suit should suit me fine.

here's my last.fm chart for most listened-to artists for week 43:

and for last week, week 44:

Waltari demo for the week 44 is "Sad Song". the song is included on the album "Monk Punk", from 1991, as well as another, even earlier demo version than the one being reviewed here, on the album "Pala leipää/Ein Stückhen Brot", a compilation of the band's works from the early nineties. it appers to me that the "Pala leipää" version was recorded with the original three-man line-up (i don't have the album at hand right now so i can't check), while the version included on "Monk Punk" was re-recorded after Janne and Sami had joined band. the demo of "Sad Song" is of the latter version. the demo is pretty much the same as the album version, the only major difference being in the length; the album version is a bit over five minutes long, whereas the demo ends in a fade-out at 3:59, right at the spot where the guitar solo starts. perhaps they had the idea of ending the song in a fade-out. i'm glad they didn't, though, it doesn't sound very good. all-in-all, a nice and interesting demo, for a change.

there's also a new Waltari demo available for this week, but i haven't had time to listen to it yet.

i've been doing some reading the past few days. a friend of mine, Petteri, also known as pH6 to some, borrowed me this book by Roger Sweet and David Wecker, called "Mastering the Universe - He-Man and the Rise and Fall of a Billion-Dollar Idea". the author, Roger Sweet, can be said to be the father of He-Man, as he is who originally created He-Man. in the book, Sweet tells about the process behind the birth of He-Man, as a charcater and as a toyline and a brand, about the creation of the whole universe with all its characters, as well as about the reasons behind the fall and demise of one of the best-selling toylines of all times, and all the behind-the-scenes-goings-on at Mattel at the time. each and every figure, vehicle and playset are also individually covered; who came up with the toy, where the idea came from, and so on. very fascinating reading.

i used to read quite a lot a few years back, mainly Arto Paasilinna, and some other authors with a more humorous style of writing. i also enjoyed Alivaltiosihteeri books and books by Markus Kajo greatly. Usagi Yojimbo, a comic book by Stan Sakai is also one of my long-time favourites. but then i suddenly just lost interest in reading, not completely, but i haven't been reading nearly as much as i used to.

well, that's probably enough for tonight. i'm off to bed.


October 29th, 2006

back after a lengthy break..

basic, crawatt, myself
wow. it's been quite a bit of time since i last wrote to my journal. i don't really know what's been keeping me from updating my journal the last two weeks, but i think it has something to do with laziness. i've been enjoying my week off from school, sleeping until noon almost every day, and then staying up until way past my usual bedtime. i'm already a bit afraid of getting back to school tomorrow, since i know it'll be damn hard to get out of bed in the mornings again. sigh. other than that, i've been trying to keep any school things out of my mind this week.

i still haven't found myself a new phone. i've realized that i won't be able to get myself a multimedia phone, or whatever the hell it is they're called, with a camera, mp3 player and whatnot. i've even let go of the thought of mp3 ringtones. phones with said features are simply too costy for me right now. and right now is when i need to get the new phone. i've been reading reviews and comparing cheaper and more simple models lately. the problem seems to be, that whenever i seem to have found a good, basic phone, with everything a good phone needs have, the essentials, but none of the extra gimmicks, there's bound to be at least one thing wrong with it. if it's not miserable battery life, it's a lousy speaker, or poor and difficult-to-use keys, and so on. so far, it seems that the Nokia 1110, or 1110i is the one to get. simple, easy to use, long battery life, reliable, and cheap. i'm not crazy about the plasticky keys, though, but i can't say i can find anything else wrong the model(s) really. the only major difference between the two models is the screen; 1110 has the usual screen with green background and black text, whereas 1110i has the colours inverted, black with green text. funky. some reviews have said it's hard to read the text in the latter one, and given my already bad sight.. i think i'll have to go and give the phones a try at some mobile phone store before i make a decision.

on to other things then.

here are my last.fm charts for the weeks i haven't updated:

week 41:

and week 42:

nothing to comment on really. well, i think this is the first time Cause for Effect and Heavy Vegetable have made it to the top ten. and Frank Black makes another appearance on the chart, too. other than that, business as usual. it'll be interesteing to see what the chart for this week looks like. i've had about twice as much time to listen to music this week than usually, and i've also been listening to some bands i usually don't give much listens.

there are also two Waltari demos to review. demo for week 42 was of the song "Dedicated to the Flyers", and "City Neurotic" for week 43. first, "Dedicated to the Flyers", off the album "Torcha!". what is it with all these demos off that album lately? anyway, this song isn't exactly a favourite of mine on the album. it's a pretty boring straightforward punk tune about having fun and stuff. the demo is basically identical with the album version, only with worse sound quality. in fact, it almost sounds as if the demo was just an unfinished mix of the album version. the solos and everything are just the same. go figure. "City Neurotic" is a song i'm not that familiar with. it's off the album "Radium Round", which is possibly my least favourite among all Waltari albums. i don't even own the album, and i've actually heard the whole album once or twice in my whole life. it's from Waltari's techno & pop era, which i feel no interest towards at all. "City Neurotic" is a ballad-like song, with an irritating pop chorus with an annoying electric piano going plim plom on the background and everything. can't really think of anything good to say about this demo. rubbish.

next week will be interesting. my friends, Ari and Sanna along with their daughter Henna and their pets are moving tomorrow, to the building next to mine, here in Puolivälinkangas. i can't wait to see their new, bigger appartment tomorrow. also, this week i'll know whether or not i'll be performing in Ylivieska in a couple of weeks with Mieskuoro Huutajat. it was said that "only the best and the most advanced" of us newcomer shouters will attend the show with the rest of the choir. i feel i've been doing well with the shouting, i've learned most of the songs quickly, even the one in Russian. well, i'll see next Wednesday.

ok, i think that's all for now. i'll be updating again when i know about the choir performance thing, at the latest.


October 12th, 2006

desperately seeking...

basic, crawatt, myself
i need a new phone. hence the subject line. my old and trusty Nokia 3210 is dying on me. well, it's probably just the battery, but the phone itself is old and worn, too, so i've been thinking of getting myself a new phone soon. actually, i've been thinking about it for quite a long time now, but just haven't found the right phone yet. and there's the problem. i've been browsing through a plethora of different Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, and i just can't seem to find the phone i'm looking for.

there are a few things my new phone needs to have. first, i want mp3 ringtones. i'm sick and tired of the old, boring bleeping ringtones, which i always need to compose myself, too. gah. second, long battery life. i don't want to keep recharging the battery every day or two, like i do now. third, i'd like the phone to have at least a decent camera in it. an integrated mp3 player would be a nice bonus, but not too many phones with an mp3 player have enough memory space to satisfy my listening needs, so there would also have to be a possibility to use a separate memory card with the phone for extra storage for the mp3s. the phone also needs to have a recorder in it, for audio recording. too often have i forgotten a promising riff or tune playing in my head, possibly a new song for my band, only to be completely forgotten before i can get a guitar in my hands to "play out" the song, and i've grown tired of that. most phones nowadays have a voice recorders in them, so that's not a problem really. last, and most importantly, the phone would have to be available for a fair price, say, 100 euros max, since i simply can't afford more than that.

for a short while i thought i had found the perfect phone for myself, namely Nokia's 6230i. it has mp3 ringtones, a good camera, an mp3 player and everything, but after reading some reviews on the 'net, and seeing many people complaining about very short battery life, especially when using the mp3 player, i had to ditch that one, too. i've also been checking out some Sony Ericsson models. many of them have what i'm looking for, but they are in most cases way out of the price range i've set for the phone, so they're pretty much out of the question. too bad. guess i'll just have to keep looking, or alternatively wait for some time for the prices to come down a little more. well. enough of that, off to other things.

here's what my latest last.fm chart for top 10 artists looks like:

nice, eh? no, i didn't make the layout for the chart myself, just slightly edited a chart layout i found. looks very good, i reckon. nothing much to report otherwise, no surprises really. well, i seem to have been listening to Frank Black a lot lately. he does have some fantastic songs, so yeah, no wonder. for those of you who don't know who Frank Black is, he used to be the singer for the mighty Pixies. didn't Pixies reunite some time ago? yeah, i think they did. i don't know if they're still around, though, or if it was just a temporary reunion. oh yeah, after a week's break, Deep Turtle's back at the top of my chart.

Waltari's demo for this week is "How Low Can You Go?", off the album "Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C". now there's something i wasn't expecting at all, a demo off that album. well, the song is probably the worst one on the entire album, so i'm not too crazy about this demo. the album concept is built on the symbiosis between death metal and symphonic orchestration, and i think it works pretty well, but being just rather straight-forward rock'n'roll, this particular song barely has anything to do with that concept. the demo also sounds like complete crap. what a letdown. "How Low Can You Go?", indeed. i hope they'll make up for this next week.

had shouting rehearsals again tonight. the email we received on monday said we were to start on two new songs tonight, but due to a time limit we had, we only had time for one new song this time, "Gimn CCCP", the Russian national anthem. a bloody difficult song to learn, mostly because of the lyrics, which are in Russian, of course. i've never studied or spoken a word of Russian, so the pronounciation of the lyrics are giving me some hard time. next week we'll be starting on rehearsing "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe", which is the Dutch national anthem, and i have the feeling it won't be any easier.

on a related note, i don't know whether or not it was supposed to be leaked out, but from what the few elder Shouters who were guiding us tonight were speaking, i gathered we might be having our first public performance, maybe not just yet, but sometime soon. it makes sense, since, like i said a while ago in an earlier entry, we've been rehearsing new songs at a breathtaking pace for the past month or so. i might be wrong about the performance thing, though, but we'll see.

ok, i think that's it for this entry. time to get to bed soon.


October 4th, 2006


basic, crawatt, myself

it's been a whole week since my last update. how did that happen? i have no idea.

didn't go to school today. i woke up in the morning, and my throat felt a little sore, so i thought i'd better rest a little. i didn't want to risk myself getting even more sick, having my shouting rehearsals tonight, which i need to attend, an all. i'm a bit better now, so hopefully i can shout without any major problems.

anyway, yeah, i was at a flea market last weekend, selling things. i didn't really make any profit out if, but then again, i didn't have much to sell in the first place. and i'm not complaining; i love flea markets, and spending time with my friends, so i really enjoyed it. tomodachi51 and her husband Ari, with whom i was at the flea market, made a pretty good profit of it, at least compared to what i managed to earn, heh.

hmm, the mouse for my computer has started to act a little strangely lately. it get's stuck sometimes, and have to shake it to make it move again. sometimes i lightly knock it on the mousepad, too. maybe that has something to do with the issue, too, eh. the mouse is pretty old, too. not old like the old wheel-type mouses back in the day, this one's one of those modern fancy infra red mouses everyone has nowadays, but still, it's old. i got it from my brother about four years ago, i think. i'll see how long this one continues to work somehow, and then get a new one.

here's my latest last.fm chart.

a bit surprisingly, Deep Turtle's - for the first time - not on top of the chart. well, DT are sharing the top with Cardiacs, with equal amount of listens, but still, it's funny that it took this long (i started using last.fm in March this year) to actually have someone else but Deep Turtle topping the chart. heh.

there's also a new Waltari demo for download. the demo for the week 40 is of the song "Till the Music Nation". the song is found on the "Torcha!" album, like last week's demo, "I Held You So Long". the demos for each week are, AFAIK, picked pretty much at random, so i think that's just a coincidence. anyway, "Till the Music Nation" is one of the better songs on "Torcha!". upbeat and positive, and maybe just a little bit overly cheerful for my taste, but a good song, nevertheless. practically, the demo is almost identical with the finished version; the lyrics are the same, and the solo guitar bit at the end of the song is played almost note-by-note like the one on the album. even the deep death metal growl in the middle of the song is there. the only major difference is at the end of the song, where the last part, with the solo guitar bit in it, is twice the length compared to the album version. admittedly, it does sound a little awkward, so i can see why it was changed for the final version.

my band, Kulokoi, now has a page at MySpace. check it out. i'm not sure who put up the page, but it must've been the singer of our band , Toni, or his girlfriend, who is a fan or ours, to some measure. i got an email from Toni a couple days ago, asking me to update the news to our band's website. this is how our band works - sometimes decisions about the band are being made without asking others. that can be irritating. i wouldn't have had anything against having a page at MySpace, actually i've been thinking about it myself earlier, too, but it would definitely have been nice of Toni to ask what the rest of the band thinks of the idea. well, what's done is done, enough of that. we seem to have made some friends already. cool, i guess. it's all very superficial though. it's not like any (or at least most) of them are really our friends to begin with. CMX, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Viikate, Misfits, Jello Biafra, etc.. they've most probably never even heard of us before, and frankly, i don't even like most of them. it's all just for promotional and commercial purposes, nothing real and nothing to do with really being friends. well, Brüssel kaupallinen and Au Pair are there, who've known us for some time, and who we feel have something in common with us. but most of the rest.. ah, whatever. i think i'll need to propose some new "friends" to be added myself, too, at some point.

well, i'm soon off to tonights shouting rehearsals. see ya.


September 27th, 2006

(no subject)

basic, crawatt, myself
wednesday night.

had shouting rehearsals tonight. actually, i'd rather call it "training" or "practicing", since we're really just starting out the whole shouting business, and not rehearsing for a performance or anything. but then again "shouting training" or "shouting practices" sound kind of awkward, so i'll just call them "shouting rehearsal" for clarity's sake. anyway, it was a lot of fun, as always. my band mate and friend Toni, also a Shouter, was there to guide us tenor-baritones, as Esko, who guided us last time, was sick and couldn't participate. well, wasn't all that different really.

man, that two-and-a-half week break we had from practicing was a little too much, as nearly everyone, me included, had completely forgotten the couple of new songs we started last time. on top of that, we started practicing three more new songs tonight. i don't know what Petri, our choir leader, is planning for us, but the pace is exhausting. oh well, i wasn't the only one having difficulties with learning the new songs. besides, being that i happen to own the choir's 10th Anniversary Concert recorging, which includes all the songs we're practicing at the moment (a total of six songs), i have a slight advantage compared to my fellow newcomer Shouters in learning the songs. i'll have to do some practicing with the record on my own at home so i can handle the new songs somehow the next time we practice together.

the exam hell at school is finally over. and i'm still alive. oh boy, am i relieved. phew. it was actually a lot more intense than i expected beforehand, mentally i mean. i've been out of school for a way too long time. it'll take some time for me to get used to all this again. anyway, i made it through some of the exams with moderate ease, some with minor difficulties, and failed only one. granted, we haven't received results for most exams yet, but i'm pretty confident i passed the rest of the exams. just waiting for the results now.

well, i'm gonna go have a quick shower now, and then get to bed. i'll be updating again on monday, at the latest, but i may do that sooner. depends.


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